I Bow Out Gracefully…

Who sings the song.. they smile in your face, but all the time they wanna take your place backstabbers?? I know its an old school group just can’t call the name right now and don’t have the give a fuck to google it.

I finally found out who the person is that has been sabotaging me, I’ve always had an inkling but I would always swallow it down and ignore my gut instinct. I refused to believe that the daggers in my back were being placed there by someone giving me hugs.

Calling trying to cancel my registration to student conferences.
Calling trying to decline scholarships
Having inappropriate text/email/phone conversations with my husband.
Meeting my husband for lunch the week after my moms passing
Prank calling and texting me.

There are other things but I will not share here or anywhere else. So don’t ask.

To have my suspicions confirmed was so hurtful.

However, to discover that after I shared EVERYTHING, that they were going behind my back trying to sabotage me… its just mind blowing.

This will be my last blog post. Period.

When I started blogging, it was my place to just BE. To be free to talk about everything and anything. And for most of the duration of this blog I did. I started censoring myself to protect someone else. And like now, I have great news but I REFUSE to share it.

If I had any advice to give regarding friendships…. TREAD LIGHTLY. You didn’t grow up with these people, so all you know is there public persona. Don’t ever let your guard down.

To all the people who have read this blog over the years. Thank you so much for your prayers, support, laughter, comments and frank advice. They have meant so much to me. I wish you allll the best in the future!

And for those of you who I follow on twitter/fb if I delete you, please don’t take it personally. Its really just a case of how small blogland is for folk.