Operation Build a Bra: take one











The good:
*I was able to assemble something that for all intents and purposes IS a bra!

*The notes I took when I took apart the original bra helped SO much.

* the back and side bands worked out just fine. I don’t foresee any adjustments being made there.

The bad:
* Since I knew going in that this 9/10 wouldn’t end up wearable I was not meticulous with my sewing.

* fabric choice killed it! Cotton interlock has much to much stretch. One look at the center front and u can see its way too stretched out. It did NOT start that way. It literally grew as I sewed.

The ugly:
* the cups. OMG! First the interlock was a huge mistake. As it grew out of control, when I tried it on. The upper cups the fabric did not lay flat against my chest. At all. Not pretty.

Going forward::
* pick a sturdier knit. Less stretch. I’m thinking a woven with some stretch may work.
* clear elastic along the edge of the upper cups to keep the shape, and help it lay flat.
*center front is cut slightly smaller maybe shave off 1/4″


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Keli
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 22:34:58

    And now you’re making bra’s…

    ok… I’m just ready for your project runway debut. Yeah… i said it.


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