hair today… gone tomorrow

***edited to add*** I had been au natural since October 2005 until last month when I got the color. I decided to cut it off and start again b/c it was breaking off as a result of the color. My motto “it’ll grow back” lol I have 1/2 inch new growth already.. and a link to pics when i 1st cut it.

***oh quick story***

there are somethings that ONLY happen to me! lol
I’m driving down I-64 in the far left lane (i like speed) windows down enjoying the cooler air. When I see the car on the opposite side of the barricade, traveling in the OPPOSITE direction hit a puddle of water. What happens next? A sheet of water is suspended in the air (that’s what it seemed like anyway) I can’t do anything but drive through it.
hair… wet
glasses… wet
face… wet
shoulder… wet
shirt… wet
car seat… wet

I called ian… that punk laughs!
adrienne calls me after seeing my tweet… that heffa laughs too!
lol That happens to people standing at the bus stop or on the corner or the sidewalk. Never in a million years thought i’d get splashed driving on the interstate! lol


26 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Adrienne
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 00:06:00

    Yep….it’s gone. lol


  2. Pajnstl
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 00:08:00

    @adrienne told ya! lol


  3. Keli
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 00:10:00

    So true..only some things happen to you, lol…

    I never drive with my windows down…just not safe, lol.

    What brought on the Waiting to Exhale moment? But you know me, I like the short fro, lol. All that hair was making you hot wasn’t it? I promise you, it feels that natural hair just traps heat, will not let it escape from you head.


  4. The Goddess
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 01:29:00

    WOW, I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s SO CUTE. I love short hair and as much trouble as I’m having with mine, I need to cut it too.

    WOW! IN the car???? That’s serious. LMAO.


  5. tiltedhalo
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 02:30:00

    Wow…what brought on that drastic change? Looks cute though…I just decided to start letting my hair grow back…I had a short Malinda Williams cut. Are you going natural? I’ve thought about it before, but that would not be a good look on me and I don’t have the time or patience to fool with my hair without a relaxer. It’s really a good look on you, what does Ian think?


  6. Carmell
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 02:44:00

    OMGosh… i am over here crackin up!!! gurl that is too funny

    danm you wasn’t lying!!! what made you do that!


  7. Freaky Deaky
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 04:08:00

    I almost had the same thing happen to me once. Fortunately, I saw what was about to happen earlier than you did and had the window almost up except for about an inch or so. If I had gotten doused there would’ve been some road rage happening. LOL!

    It’s funny as hell, especially since it happened to someone else. :oD


  8. the old me
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 04:13:00

    Oh damn…I would have been pissed about the water i swear I always get scared when that happens and the windows are up


  9. Roddykat
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 09:09:00

    Getting splashed. Not the business.

    Now, when you first Twittered this, I thought you went completely bald for some reason (or having a Britney Spears moment). Whew!

    Looks good on ya. 🙂


  10. cici
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 09:13:00

    i think it looks great. you have pretty hair either way. You are soooo funny gurl!:D


  11. eclectik
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 09:21:00

    The thing is I wore my hair the EXACT same way last week
    …stop bitin and jockin.




  12. toni
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 11:48:00

    Your hair is really cute short. I am all about “it’ll grow back”. About 3 years ago I cut my 11 yr old locks (they were down to my waist). I started all over and they are already past my shoulders. That’s why I can’t sympathize with those girls on America’s Top Model when they start crying during their makeovers!
    Oh, and as the girl who is always standing at the bus stop praying no one splashes me – I am laughing at you, too!


  13. Cas...
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 12:30:00

    Same crap happened to my hair when I colored it. It just started breaking. Never again. I will just stay a nice dark brown forever. Just rinses.

    Anyway your hair looks cute. It works for you!

    As for the interstate moment DAMN! I drive with the windows down all the time and that never happened. I must watch out!


  14. del
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 12:33:00

    I love it! I bet it’s so much easier, isn’t it?


  15. Sheila
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 13:25:00

    Love the new look… as they say ova herrrr — ooo u got cooly hair… aka good hair…lol


  16. urbanknitrix
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 13:26:00

    Your hair looks cute, that was the length of mines at the beginning of the summer,grows back real fast. Were you keeping it oiled? Add me to the Heffa list because I am DYING over here!!! And yep it normally happens to people at the bus I am a witness!


  17. nikki
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 13:59:00

    I LOVE THE HAIR! you look BEAUTIFUL with the short do. 🙂

    um, i had to laugh at you getting wetted up. i thought that only happened while folk were standing at bus stops.


  18. Pajnstl
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 15:58:00

    @keli… lol @ just not safe. A mess!!

    @Goddess… starting over is always my solution w/ hair. lol

    @tiltedhalo… ian likes it short. prolly has more to do with the naked haircuts he gets to give me though. lol

    @carmell… don’t laugh! it could happen to you :p

    @freakydeaky… so you understand my pain?! lol I really couldn’t get mad. i just screamed Nooooooooooooooo!!!! lol

    @the old me… lol it was too funny how it all happened.

    @roddykat… Brittany?! lol that’s messed up :p

    @cici… thanks 🙂

    @e… I wanna see pics :p

    @toni…i feel the same way @ ANTM girls. just quit your whining already

    @cas… yes! watch out it could happen to you!! lol

    @del… yes maam.. mist it with water and GO! lol

    @sheila… i don’t know about good, but i’m not breaking the teeth out the comb :p

    @urbanknitrix… my hair has never been able to handle color. ever! lol

    @nikki… Thanks chic! I had to laugh at myself soo…


  19. She Needs
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 17:23:00

    LOL…. too funny!!!! Sorry you got wet.


  20. RealHustla
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 17:48:00

    Hahaaaaaaaa! Whew!


  21. mysecondjournal
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 19:26:00

    OMG I know exactly where you were..cuz I got my window up in time.. LOL…

    Hair is CUTE!!


  22. Ms. Behaving
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 21:06:00

    Would you be mad @ me if I laughed at you too?? Hey wait…don’t answer that!

    ::insert hysterical fit of laughter HERE::

    I think the cut looks good on you gurl!! See…Told you you had a lot more heart than me!!!

    [Hell I’m scurred to clip my own ends much less chop off a few inches.]

    Hope you have a fun filled weekend!!!


  23. Thoughts of a Southern gal
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 21:20:00

    Your hair is gone but it’s so cute.
    I’m laughing at you getting splashed while in the car. Girl that’s too funny.


  24. AR Gal
    Aug 24, 2008 @ 01:03:00

    I like the new do!

    The same thing with the water splash happened to a friend of mine back in high school. To say she was pissed is in understatement. lol


  25. Eb the Celeb
    Aug 24, 2008 @ 20:45:00

    lmao… how do you get splashed when you are in a car… I thought that only happened when people are standing on the corner after it rains


  26. Kiandra
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 04:34:00

    i’m liking your hair! i love short hair…especially short fros on women….i miss mine!

    now about the story…i had to laugh. that ain’t right though…now see if you were on the bus stop i would of told you, you know you suppose to be a bit aways…but in a car? nope that ain’t right.

    rock the hair girl…cause before you know it…it’ll grow right back and you’ll either have to cut it again…or grow it out!


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