Airport funnies…

At the airport waiting on plane….

I made it through security with no problems… didnt witness any near heart attacks from the elderly being searched… darn it


I almost passed out when this lady responded to my question… Yall know i have issues with people and bad breath… I asked her if she was using the kiosk, she shook her head no then said “no i’m just standing here”… WHY did she almost MELT my fuking eyebrows and hairline.. I was THISCLOSE to passing the hell OWT!

*waiting on my change*

It took the cashier 3 whole mins to count out my change… Forty-Nine WHOLE cents. yup .49cents… lol


Theres this little girl she cant be older than 10. she is CLEARLY pregnant… wow

just ran into an old classmate 🙂 Will have to call her when i get back so she ca take the same classes as i am… We cheat together SO well. lol

I see so many people with starbucks coffeelatteachiattas… I’ve only had a drink from starbucks once. Was forced to get that one.

Just interrupted a man from his reading… HAD to know what kind of device he was using…
AmazonKindle (google it) He said it can hold abt 200 books. Why do i want it!!!!

plane just got here… going get in my corral (lol yall know how southwest does it :p


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  1. urbanknitrix
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 14:38:00

    I am DYING over here. Needed the laugh this a.m. Oh and I do not like Starbucks, and I think a lot of people drink it as a status symbol. I swear I see plenty people with cups and nothing in it. But thats just my opinion. Have a safe trip!


  2. Adrienne
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 15:21:00

    You are a mess lol. I’ve seen that thing on Amazon before. Looks neat!


  3. Sheila
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 22:57:00

    Hilarious!! I love me some starbucks… but in order to get it – I must brown bag it to work everyday…lol


  4. Carmell
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 00:19:00

    have a safe trip!! have had starbucks twice. they are closing 71 stores in the stl area.


  5. tiltedhalo
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 02:17:00

    You are so funny! LOL

    I’ve only had Starbucks twice and that was because I had a giftcard – actually, I have 3 more left. LOL I love WaWa’s coffee…so good.

    10 years old, pregnant? SMDH So sad!

    Not the corral! LMFAO


  6. tiltedhalo
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 02:18:00

    Oh yeah, have a safe trip!


  7. Cas...
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 12:39:00

    You are so funny. Starbucks has some interesting drinks. But they are very expensive. I consider it a treat instead of a daily drink. But I don’t drink coffee. LOL!

    Have fun in Houston! I can’t wait to hear the stories!


  8. AR Gal
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 13:32:00

    That Kindle thing is pretty cool. I swear they keep coming up with more gadgets and I can’t keep up. lol

    10 and pregnant??!! Please tell me you had some matter in your eye and really just didn’t see her clearly….please tell me that ’cause I just can’t…..10 and pregnant. *sigh* WOW indeed.

    Have fun and be safe!!


  9. dejanae
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 00:30:00


    the breath that bad huh?

    never had crackbucks


  10. mademoisellechitchat
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 01:09:00

    I hope that you had a safe flight!

    Starbucks is indeed overrated. That’s why their a$$es are going under. FOLKS DON’ FINALLY WOKE UP!


  11. Keli
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 02:42:00

    Were you in group A, B, or C? lol

    A pregnant 10 yr old? *shudders* someone should be under the jail for that…if it was one of my girls…I would probably be the one locked up right about now.


  12. Roddykat
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 13:58:00

    The Kindle is cool. Also supports Audible Audiobooks(they just got bought by Amazon), PDF support, MP3s, and has it’s own Internet(cellular) connection so you can buy a book ir three on the fly.

    I’d wait on it though. It is cool now, but I’m sure there will be another one soon. Probably with a color screen.[/geeking]

    Just say no to Starbucks. Next thing you know, you’ll be wanting to buy a iPhone or something.

    Come on cut the cashier some slack. And shame on you for giving her something she had to make change for. She may have only been working there 3 or 4 years. You know they teach counting change at the 5 year mark. It’s like getting put on Fries(not that I’d know, mind you).


  13. X Factor
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 15:52:00

    OMG I neeeeed that Amazon Kindle thing… NEED!!!! It is so practical! *running off to find one on*


  14. jden723
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 04:18:00

    Now this was a riot. I am traveling last week and now I have an idea of what to write about. LOL! I know someone with a kindle, she absolutely loves it.


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