Can you say ouch?!

I fell coming UP the stairs at work this morning.

Broke my toenail….really far down

Will not be able to get a pedicure until the nail grows back…


It’s my friday!!!

I leave for Chicago in the morning!!!


I’m on day 3 of my birthday countdown!!

HAPPY 4th of JULY 🙂


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Adrienne
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 16:50:00

    Have a good time!!!!!! SMH at your toe lol


  2. Keli
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 17:14:00

    I always stump my toes and break a nail…you will be ah’ight, lol.

    So have we been presented with anymore surprises? Yes, I’m being nosey! lol


  3. Erica B.
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 17:44:00

    I stumped my toe like that a year ago and it hurt like hell! Be safe on your trip!


  4. Cas...
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 18:14:00

    Poor baby! She stubbed her big toe! We are still going to the Taste so no whining! LOL!


  5. Eb the Celeb
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 18:48:00

    Is it said easier to fall up stairs or down them?


    idk… have a good weekend though missy!

    have you thought about suing? LOL


  6. Virtuous
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 23:36:00

    Hope your toe is better soon and don’t get fungi! ;op Gurl I am glad you blogged about it b/c I could not get it to pull up on my cell! Haha!

    Ooh you get to meet Cas I am so jealous!! :o)

    And the TOC is the TRUE “Taste” all other cities are just copy cats.

    Be sure to get some GARRETT’s popcorn too!!


  7. DeltaPurl
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 03:10:00

    have fun in Chicago


  8. Ms. Behaving-->
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 03:52:00

    “Falling up the stairs”?!?!?!
    Hmmm…If I remember correctly, that was high up on my list of NOT A GOOD LOOKS :-).

    Travel safe, be careful on that toe and ummm have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!!


  9. KimT
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 13:22:00

    girl, enjoy chicago. I “heard” from Cas, that you are going to the Taste! I am os jealous. Think of me when you are eating all that good stuff! Give Chicago a hug for me!


  10. AR Gal
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 16:17:00

    Ooowww, I just cringed. Me no likey boo boo’s. 😦

    Have fun in Chi-town!!


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