Hump Day!


So I went to taco bell for lunch right, ordered my taco kids meal with a pepsi. I drove back to work, sat in my car with the windows down, music up and feet sticking out of the window while I ate my food. I reached in the bag and wouldn’t you know it….



dontcha hate when that happens? lol

Have a good day yall!


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  1. alison
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 19:14:00

    That reminds me… we stopped at Mickey D’s on the way home from the bars one night. I got back to the house and took a bite out of my cheeseburger and there was NO BURGER. Just bun, ketchup, mustard, and pickles. I was like whaaaaat?? Not a good night… šŸ™‚


  2. urbanknitrix
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 19:25:00

    OMG, I am dying no burger. That is messed up.

    Yes I hate it and I hate it even more when I have a whinning kid in the back talking about, go back, can’t we go back, um, no sir.


  3. Adrienne
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 19:28:00

    *SMH* lol


  4. Keli
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 20:41:00

    Now I am laughing at you chillaxing, getting ready to eat a taco bell kids meal…then I can only imagine the look on your face when you realized you were shafted!

    What’s in a taco bell kid’s meal anyhoo?


  5. Eb the Celeb
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 21:08:00

    I’m mad you got a kids meal at taco bell… the regular tacos aint big enough for my greedy tail.. have to get a couple of those… so I dont know how you do it…

    but on the real if I did get one I would have drove my happy tail back up there to get my damn toy…lol… shoot!


  6. dejanae
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 21:44:00

    a damn mess


  7. Carmell
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 23:18:00

    gurl i don’t buy kids meals from no where because of the little trinket they give. my kids beg for them i’m like nope!


  8. gold
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 23:21:00

    HA HA HA!!!Girl you are so funny!!!You know what they say you f… going to drive through,they never give you all that you order!!


  9. Cas...
    Apr 17, 2008 @ 00:31:00

    I feel you! I save my McDonald’s happy meal toys for kids. I would be mad too if I didn’t get my toy! I would have gone back and asked for it!


  10. MysTery
    Apr 18, 2008 @ 01:51:00

    Lol! you are crazy for that.


  11. del
    Apr 18, 2008 @ 02:05:00

    Clearly, they didn’t do their quality control check. Oh wait, this is Taco Bell. Never mind. LOL.


  12. Ms. Behaving
    Apr 18, 2008 @ 05:01:00


    So long as you didn’t go back and cuss anybody out as a result…it’s all good girlfriend.


  13. Sheila
    Apr 19, 2008 @ 10:36:00

    You are too dayummm funny. I get the kids meal and immediately tell don’t put that darn toy in my bag…lol


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