If you do, you’ll die

At any moment I can bust out into a oh so wrong version of Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day”

For starters, When I got to work not one single solitary supervisor was here! Thank GOD for off-site meetings. So I quickly cleared my desk of all work, and opened up the River Front Times and followed that up with the St. Louis American. (off-topic: the workers in my office must stake out the STL American cameramen, I swear I’m forever seeing pics of my coworkers in there. Remember THIS)

Antywhoo… the hubby called and asked me to meet him for lunch. We met at PFCHANGs, good food, good convo, good people watching. Then followed that up at Coldstone Creamery (Founder’s Favorite is the BEST) and back to the office.

For some reason the office is sooo laid back when the sup’s are out. Lead’s me to believe they bring the drama! LOL

Random Thoughts: (since I haven’t done any in a HOTT minute)

~ pictures make blogs better! LOL

~ My coworker is wearing a 80’s floral sofa slip cover today… well not really but it damn sure looks like it.

~ I miss my lunch buddy 😦

~ By the time I finish the jacket; the baby will be walking! LOL

~ One day I’ll get over my issues with the Post Office… I HAVE to go this weekend.

~ “lack of planning on your part, does NOT constitute an emergency on mine” I like that quote

~ My English instructor, ya know the one with the off-color jokes, well he announced in class that “Booty Call” was one of his favorite movies. *blank stare* the idiotas in class (all black) thought it was the funniest thing in the world. I didn’t find it funny at all!! He makes me want to *accidentally* knock him off-balance while he’s going down the stairs. I’m jus saying

~ I love watching movies set in the 15-1800’s, Ian hates them! LOL

~ Talks of a promotion already! I’s happy for him

~ I need to go out of town..

~ *humming* I’m still waiting… for you to come back home… to fulfill this life… we’ve been dreaming of.. .So don’t WAIT … another daaaaay might be too long…. Who sings this song? What’s the name of it? hmmm

~ I have a sewing plan… I think.. lol.. we’ll see

~ My attention span can be so short at times.

~ I won’t get to see ANTM on Wednesdays b/c of class. 😦

~ Project Runway premieres NOVEMBER 14th!

~ I need to make some more candles for the house.

~ It’s almost the time of year for Gumbo, can’t eat it when it’s hot outside.. if you do, you’ll die! LOL okay, maybe you won’t die.. but you WILL be hot.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Keli
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 21:36:00

    Thic Girl Thursday, how can we forget! Lol

    Oh, I’m jealous…some Cold Stone sounds so good right now. Sweet of the hubby to take you on a lunch date.

    For some reason the office is sooo laid back when the sup’s are out. Lead’s me to believe they bring the drama! LOL

    My coworker is wearing a 80’s floral sofa slip cover today
    -Oh My! No pic? Lol

    “lack of planning on your part, does NOT constitute an emergency on mine” I like that quote
    -I live by this!

    Your English instructor sounds like my former co-worker…just ig’nant.

    Girl! I heat gumbo year round…you sound like my daddy talkin’ bout eating pork in the summertime can kill you, lol. I’m still kicking.


  2. Adrienne
    Sep 28, 2007 @ 00:23:00

    GIrl you KNOW I want to see the floral slip cover! LOL PF is my FAVORITE!!!!!


  3. Virtuous
    Sep 28, 2007 @ 01:21:00

    Okay you did have a fab day!! :o)

    I love this quote which is similar better “Procrastination on your part, it NOT an emergency on mine”

    I literally have that POSTED up in my cube! ROTFL!!

    Now you know you can get out of town and still come visit me!! MMmhmm

    Glad all is well!


  4. Carmell
    Sep 28, 2007 @ 16:14:00

    Jodeci “i’m Still Waiting~ that was my jam!!!!!!!!!!!! you messed the first line up girl! it threw me off for a minute (or i’ve been singing it wrong all these years) i thought it was “I’m still waiting for you to come back to love, to for fill this life, we’re dreaming of.” who knows. they had a remix version on their single that i can’t find for the life of me.
    you know i’ve never had gumbo… always wanted to try it but never have… i think i will this winter.
    i have yet to go to Cold Stone. i’ve been wanting to go for the longest. think i will this weekend. last sunday paper had some coupons for them!! PF Chang is the BOMB!
    pics do make blogs better… wheres the pic of the chick in the clip cover????


  5. ebz
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 04:14:00

    I agree … pictures make blogs famous…. wait how come Im not famous?

    Guess I aint pose to post pics of my self lol


  6. Sheila
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 23:58:00

    You had major fun… and I love when the attorneys are not in the office… I go blogmania…lol. I may need to get a plaque with those words -“Lack of Planning on Your Part, does NOT Constitute an Emergency on Mine”.. totally love it. I have a plaque that reads Another Day in the Land of Paradise.. do you know those MFers had the audacity to say I was being a Smart Azz… darn MFers!!!


    Oct 01, 2007 @ 00:12:00

    @ sheila…. Wonder why they would think you were being scarcastic?! Lol

    @ ebz… we have the same issue.. Lol :p

    Carm, girl…. I am the queen of butchering songs! ALWAYS, so don’t count on me for lyrics… EVER! LOL Next time I make Gumbo, I’ll save you a bowl

    @ Keli & Adrienne…. I WISH I could have gotten a picture! I’m telling ya it was horrific!

    Stacey, girl you know I don’t have a recording device 🙂 I guess this is a perfect example of the UPside to still owning a working v.c.r. :p


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