I’ve been played with wax all night… YAY!!! Here are the results.
White = Clean Cotton, Purple= Lilac, Blue=Ocean, Yellow=Honeysuckle

These are the candles I will be bring to the slumber party for favors. Initially, I was going to do them in Martini glasses but all the cute martini glasses were not in my budget πŸ˜› lol Soooo, I found some really cute, yet inexpensive glasses and viola!
I hope the ladies like them.

I made some soap for the house tonite too, but I remembered a lady at my job asked me to bring her some. SOooo I wrapped 2 bars for her. πŸ™‚

ANDDDD I am muy happy to show off my very 1st FINISHED OBJECT! I have finished the keyhole scarf. It took me 3 days. I’m hoping that as I knit more, my accuracy and speed will increase. I swear ripping was the WORST! lol I’m EXCITED!!!! WHooo HOOOO!!! Knitting is fun!

I used a 100% Super wash Merino Wool, Color #AC124 I purchased it at my LYS but you can get it @ http://www.j-knits.com. I knitted with a size 6 needles.

up next… a hat for the hubby and some booties for a lady @ my job who is preggers πŸ™‚

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to work for someone else for the rest of my life. Well I already knew that, but didn’t know what I wanted to do. WElllll… I’ve figured it out… You’re *looking* at the next owner/operator of an African-American Bookstore. (Yep! I’m speaking those things that be not as though they were). Now to get to researching, praying, really researching, praying, some more researching, and yep you guessed it some more praying! LOL

Anywhooo! It’s late… or early.. depends on where you’re at!

Have a Great Day!


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. "PoP"
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 12:22:00

    Great job. Those look better than the ones at those stores. Scarf looks cool too. Too bad its summer. Lol.
    And early CONGRATS on the bookstore.


  2. Adrienne
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 13:01:00

    Oh! I wanna make candles! LOL, how do you do it? Early congrats on the bookstore!!!!!


  3. Keli
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 13:23:00

    Do your thang ma! Yay, you knitted your first item, and it looks good! You are so thoughtful, I probably would have kept my soap all to myself. lol

    Girl, I am in agreement with you on the bookstore…and I am praying that by then my book will be available and on your shelves.


    Jun 20, 2007 @ 16:31:00

    @ POP… LOL, You know I wanna put it on!

    @ Adrienne… Thx for the congrats! πŸ™‚

    Keli… You already know, you get have the 1st booksigning!! πŸ™‚


  5. Erica B.
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 16:49:00

    Those Candles look so good! Yay for the Bookstore!


  6. urbanknitrix
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 20:25:00

    Scarf looks amazing and the candles and soap look good as well. Congrats on the bookstore, we need more. Oh and the candles and soap for sale???? Hey you can have a section for the body inside and out.


    Jun 20, 2007 @ 22:04:00

    ~Thank you Ms. Erica!

    ~ Urbanknitrix… hopefully within the next month I’ll have a site up and running and then they will truly be for sale!
    That’s part of the plan to have a small section of handmade goodies. (made by myself and others) in the store.


  8. Virtuous
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 22:41:00

    WHOA!! Your 1st FO looks great!!!

    I always wanted to knit a hat for my man! A balded chocolate dud at that! MMhhhmmmm….one day soon!

    Yep your accuracy and speed will increase the more you knit.

    And once you do booties that will be a good introduction to big people socks!

    “In the Name of JE-SUS” your bookstore will come into fruition!! :o) You see I had to emphasize Jesus :op LOL


    Jun 21, 2007 @ 14:16:00

    Thank you V! Amen & Amen πŸ™‚


  10. Mahogany Brown
    Jun 22, 2007 @ 15:41:00

    Yay for the bookstore!!! I love the name you posted on the board. It’s gonna be sooooooo hott!!! I’m so proud of you lady!


    Jun 22, 2007 @ 16:25:00

    That name IS kinda cool huh πŸ˜€


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